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What Are The Benefits Of Custom Dentures Made By A Bay Ridge Dentist?

Custom dentures are basically prosthetic teeth that are custom made by a Bay Ridge dentist according to comfortably and flawlessly fit inside a patient’s mouth, while having quite a realistic appearance. Custom dentures do not only serve a cosmetic purpose but are also functional too. The color, shape and size of the prosthetic teeth can be easily changed. Even the bite of custom dentures can be adjusted to ensure that patients are able to chew properly using these prosthetic teeth.

When dentists design the preliminary denture, they adjust it until it fits comfortably in the patient’s mouth while testing other concerns. Dentists continue making adjustments to the custom dentures until the patients are completely satisfied with the denture in their mouth. As patients continue providing feedback, dentists are able to adjust the custom dentures accurately according to specifications of each patient. Once both the dentist and the patient is satisfied with the preliminary denture, then the final denture is fabricated.

Dentists use special materials to fabricate custom dentures so that they comfortably fit and easily adjust inside the patient’s mouth once the patient begins using the dentures. It is the material these dentures are made of that makes them custom, allowing dentists to continue making adjustments until the patient is satisfied with the results. Dentists usually do their best to ensure that patients ultimately feel happy with the look and feel of the custom dentures placed in their mouth. Dentists are even able to ensure that their patients feel comfortable even when using their dentures to bite hard by using a permanent soft-liner. The retention of the lower denture when the jaw is gripped by it is also increased by this feature.

Chewing is an important normal function and dentist custom grinds the prosthetic porcelain teeth that used to optimize the patient’s chewing ability according to The angle cusp of the upper denture is kept at 33-degree and the dentist custom grinds the lower jaw to fit the upper teeth accurately. Thus, the bite and the chewing efficiency of the dentures is stabilized by the custom grinding.

A lovely smile is something that everyone wants and with custom dentures, dentists are able to satisfy their patients and achieve the desired look they want. It is much easier to please patients with custom dentures since they can be easily customized, and patients are able to have prosthetic teeth in their mouth, which are simply perfect for them. Those who get custom dentures are often even given a period of two to four months to test the dentures and ensure that they are suitable for them.

A Bay Ridge dentist will use a particular material to fabricate custom dentures so that the enamel of natural teeth is ideally simulated. This is why the prosthetic porcelain teeth in custom dentures look so realistic and reflect light in the same unique fashion as real teeth. Thus, for all those who unfortunately lost all their teeth, but still dream of having a beautiful smile, custom dentures can prove to be quite a beneficial solution.