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Month: March 2019

How to be a Responsible Drinker

If you cannot avoid drinking alcohol totally then learning how to drink responsibly to avoid becoming a nuisance to your loved ones and community is important. There are some key tips that will go a long way to help you checkmate your alcohol intake. Being responsible with alcohol will not only keep you safe but also people around you.

What Does it Mean to Drink Responsibly

    • To be in control of yourself after drinking
    • To respect your limits when drinking
    • To respect everyone’s right during and after drinking

Tips for Responsible Drinking

Know your limit: If you must drink then you should know what you can safely handle. Never be carried away by how much your colleagues are able to take. Keep to your limits and be strict about it. Stop drinking as soon as you notice you’re getting drunk.

Don’t drink and drive: I will say this again, don’t drink and drive. Its risky and deadly. Apart from the fines and legal actions you may suffer when caught you can injure yourself, others on the road or even kill yourself or others around. If you must drink don’t drive and if you must drive don’t drink.

Avoid mixing alcohol with other drugs: Avoid this like a plague. Mixing prescription or recreational drugs with alcohol can be harmful especially if you’re doing it for the first time. You cannot be sure the reaction that the alcohol may have with the drugs. If you must take your drugs don’t drink and vice versa.

Appoint a Driver: If it happens you have to drink for that moment then get a designated driver that will drive you home.

Beware of unfamiliar drink: There are new drinks coming into the market every now and then. Don’t be carried away by the adverts or what others are saying about it. Stick to your brand. If you must try it then do it with a lot of caution.

Eat good food before or while you drink: Don’t take alcohol on empty stomach. Some good things you can eat while you drink are those with high protein like peanuts and cheese. They help slow the absorption of alcohol with the circulatory system.

Respect the right of those who don’t drink: Don’t force them to drink. Respect their rights as they do yours.

These tips will go a long way to help you keep your drinking in check. You can be responsible with alcohol drinking.

8 Favorite 90s Music Hits

Getting a vinyl record is a good start. The next thing you need is a turntable and then you’re good to go.

“Good to go” where, you ask? To start playing the 90s hits with what it looks like the best equipment!

Here’s a list of what’s worth playing.

Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

From the moment she first stepped into the limelight, Britney Spears became an icon. And this song, which came out in 1999, started the fire.

It’s one of her best and its video is of a schoolgirl waiting for the bell to ding so she can go home.

Push by Matchbox20

This song by Rob Thomas and his crew speaks of the ups and downs of being in a relationship. It’s a fan favorite because it’s relatable. It discusses the bittersweet emotion of wanting to do something halfheartedly.

Wannabe by the Spice Girls

This is a timeless hit by the Spice Girls. If there’s a song that could help you identify them at first try, this is it.

Because it’s upbeat, listening to it will make you feel “up”, too.

All the Small Things by Blink 182

One particular time, Travis, Tom, and Mark became the talk of the town because of this song. It speaks of fun of all sorts.

Its video is also worth checking out if fun is what you’re after. It shows a mockery of life involving famous pop stars!

Wonderwall by Oasis

The nostalgia can’t help but enter the room once you hear Oasis’ front man, Noel Gallagher, sing – or even utter a word. So in this subtle take on romantic gestures for a girl, you can’t help but feel butterflies for the people you cherish.

Bye, Bye, Bye by Nsync

To experience a winning boyband’s take on good pop music, check this out. Here, Justin Timberlake and the boys belt it out so perfectly!

Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry

If you’re into alternative rock, and at the same time, you’re dreaming of something epic, this song by a one-hit wonder is the song you want.

Seeing the world from different angles can be cathartic and you just want to preserve the memory. Well, this song is all about that!

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

This is a classic song by a classic singer-songwriter when you’re on the road. Maybe it’s because the title has the word “car” in it.

Maybe. But it doesn’t change the fact that this song is exceptionally written for anyone wanting an adventure!

Final Thoughts + Disclaimer

Because a turntable is a piece of high-end equipment, it’s what you want to use for these songs.

Don’t know how to use the equipment according to your friend? Well, it looks like you two have distinct viewpoints. Either way, you can always teach yourself the right way!

In the case of protests, you should know that this list is subjective. Maybe there are better songs out there. Then again, maybe there aren’t.