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Month: February 2019

What To Include In A Work ID

What To Include In A Work ID

Identification cards have become an essential tool in most organizations, and it is even hard to walk into a workplace without one. IDs go beyond the mere identification purpose as they also a security apparatus in some cases. They come in very handy especially when you have many employees which is very common with large organizations. You can identify who belongs to a specific building and who does not by just checking on the ID badge. Clients can also know who to seek help from once they land on your business premises. The following are the essential features of a good work ID

Captures all the necessary information

IDs are supposed to be compact but also contain as much information as possible. You can include the name of the employee or several initials on the ID. It is also essential to show the department such as finance and marketing if they are available in your organization. You can make the name to appear with larger fonts that the rest of the information. If you serve in the hospitality industry, you can exclude the last name of your employees for privacy purposes. You can use different color fonts to emphasize some details.


You may have noted that designs change from one industry to the other. Whereas there is no universal code of making work IDs, you should make sure that you those that fit your specific industry. The work of designing IDs can be quite involving and at times you may contract an expert. This will come at a cost and waste your time which is very precious. You can only avoid this struggle if you use ready-made templates that you can customize. Easy ID Card has some cool templates that you can use today and get the IDs within a few days.

Organizational logo and your photo

Many people cannot decide between using the logo or the picture of the employee on the ID. All of them are equally important, and you need to place them strategically. Some logos can be complicated, but you can use a derivative or a simplified version. The purpose of the logo is to display your brand and make it shine all the time. The profile picture makes clients trust your brand as it shows that you are proud of associating the brand to the employees. You can make them appear on opposite sides but ensure that none over shines the other.

Durable material

You need a work ID that your employees will use for a long time and reduce recurring costs. Some of the most common materials that make durable IDs include plastic and PVC. The ideal piece should be water-proof and free from wear and tear which is very common due to friction. The details of the ID also need to be inscribed with indelible ink. It is hard to determine the durability of material unless you check reviews. Do your basic research on the best materials before you make your final decision.