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Month: April 2017

Locate The Stud In The Wall Very Easily With An Electronic Locator

There are lots of elements which give structural support to your house. Whatever you see from outside in any construction is not the real thing, various supports are present inside the wall for different purposes like installation of doors and windows, insulation of the room or building and for giving shape to the structure. In modern construction, plates and studs are fastened together with each other to prevent the construction from collapsing in the event of earthquake. Despites the benefits, studs cause problems when you need to install a frame or a new book shelf on the wall or you want to do any kind of drilling work on the wall.  If you are not able to identify the stud location on the wall, it can cause serious damages to the wall like chipping plaster. It can also break the drill bits. In order to avoid such kind of inconveniences, you are needed to get a good stud sensor.

Pick the right stud sensor

Stud sensor or stud finder is a device which is capable of locating the studs in the walls. Two most common models of stud finder include magnetic stud finder and electronic stud finder.  However, in the present time, electronic stud finders are more popular because of their efficiency to find the studs in the walls. StudLocator is one of the leading review websites for different types of stud finders. You should check out the tips and reviews of the best stud finder to buy the quality one. This type of device is helpful for domestic use as well as commercial use.

Working of the stud finder

Plastered walls or wall boards are definitely not reliable if you are planning to install something heavy on the wall. You will need to fix it directly with the stud in the wall to hold the item very easily. Thus, it makes it very important for the house owners to identify the stud in the wall.  To find the studs, you need to place the electronic stud finder against the wall and press its button. Slowly move it along the wall surface. This device is equipped with LED which blinks at the location of stud in wall. Modern stud finder checks the density change of the wall to identify the location of the stud. Capacitor plate used in the electronic stud finder detects considerable changes in the electromagnetic field. The sensor attached to this device is helpful in identifying the studs with higher accuracy.