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Month: March 2017

Take The Best Care Of Your Saw Blade

Saw is the perfect equipment for the purpose of the cutting. It is useful for cutting the steel, non ferrous metals, wood and plastics. With the help of the saw, any type of cut can be made on the materials. Saw is basically an arrangement of the sharp blade and the hard toothed edge. There are different types of saws which are used for making different types of cuts. The popular models of the saws include the table saw, chain saw, miter saw and circular saw. The part of the saw which determines the effectiveness of the saw is the saw blade. There is a need to keep up the condition of the saw blade for the desirable cutting results. For different types of saws, there are different types of saw blades but regardless of its shape and size, saw owners should take care of the blade if they want their saw to work properly for a longer time.

Valuable tips for taking the best care of saw blade

Here are some of the tested tips described by Saw Blades Only that helps in keeping up the sharpness and the physical condition of the saw blade:

Clean the saw blade after every use: It is very important to clean the saw blade after every use. It will keep the saw blade neat and ready for another day work by eliminating the deposition of the dust or the particles of the material which is cut, on the surface of the saw blade.

For cleaning the saw blade, you can follow any of these methods:

  • Soaking the blade in kerosene
  • Use the plastic scrapper for cleaning the layer deposited over the saw surface
  • Brass bristled brush can be used for cleaning the saw blade.
  • Resin remover is also available in the market, hence it can be used for cleaning the saw blade if the saw is used for cutting wood frequently.

Keep away the blade from moisture: Since, saw blades are made up of an alloy or metal, so there are chances that on exposure to the moisture they can rust. Rusting reduces the cutting efficiency of the saw blades.

Do not rest the saw blade on the ground surface:   there are many people who commit this type of mistake. They keep the saw blade on the cement surface or wooden surface while changing the saw blade or removing it for cleaning. Due to the friction with the surface, the saw blade can get scratches and its sharp edges may get blunt hence, it is important to use soft towel or paper to rest the saw blade.