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Month: July 2016

Unveiling The Truth Behind The Most Common Myths Related To Bowling

Many people think of bowling as an easy game and come out with very high expectations when they first play the game. Eventually, they realize that bowling is not at all that easy and then they stop having that fun due to not meeting their expectations. It is better to clear the myths related to game beforehand so that you enjoy every moment of your game. That being said, bowling is still a very popular game and its followers are increasing by the day. Here are some of the myths related to the game and the simple truth that follows:

Myth: Head down for the main pin and you will have a 100% strike

Truth: Striking the head pin is very difficult. For starters, it can be even more difficult. There are certain angles you should work on, to get a perfect strike. The game is more dependent on the angle, the speed and the force with which you throw the ball, rather than just hitting the main pin.

Myth: The game is just too easy

Truth: The game is not easy at all. Like any other game, it requires thorough practice to become an expert in the game. There will surely be some days when your luck is good and you will get 100% strikes often. But that won’t be every day until you practice with passion.

Myth: You need a muscular body to play bowling

Truth: It is more about the technique rather than strength. I have seen many lean people play excellently at bowling. They have made their shots accurate with their constant hard work. Just like any other game, it requires technique and critical thinking to be good at bowling.

Myth: You can always buy yourself a good game

Truth: It’s again not about the best equipment that you have in your club, it’s about the technique and practice. You cannot buy yourself a win in bowling just like that. Even if you have the latest, most sophisticated bowling equipment in your alley, you won’t be good at it until you practice, and practice hard. But yes, having the latest equipment will help.

We have compiled a list of points that you should always follow to be good at bowling. You can access that guide at We hope that this guide will help you be better with bowling. Visit a bowling game arcade and enjoy the game.